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We've worked closely with Cochlear on numerous projects. in 1998 we began building prototype testing systems and production line testing equipment for Cochlear's Sydney and Brisbane operations. Cochlear has designed a series of systems to rigorously test their electronic products at various stages of manufacture; each device must meet strict requirements for acoustic, wireless and electrical performance.

We continue to provide services to Cochlear across their wide range of products, including new test systems to ramp up their production capability. One of the challenges is to ensure the equipment will maintain its accuracy and calibration within a demanding production environment. We have particularly enjoyed the opportunity to contribute ideas to improve existing designs and new systems for product designs yet to be released. A key aspect of this engagement is the close working relationship that builds trust and understanding with all team members.



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LSD manufactures custom  electronic and mechatronic systems

Our principal designer has experience in diverse scientific fields and can translate your requirements into the most efficient electronics package or mechatronic solution.

We have patents in biophysics, luminescence detection and novel bacterial labelling agents

We strive to maintain a constant focussed attention on all aspects of design and assembly to deliver our clients exemplary quality product




About Us


Biography for Dr. Russell Connally

The company Logic Systems Design was launched by Dr Russell Connally in November 2004, the Company name reflects our focus on microcontroller application design.

A short history of the founder is relevant in the "About Us" slot :

Russell E. Connally was employed as the firmware team leader with Siemens Access Control when he was awarded his BTech. Biotechnology degree in 1997 from Macquarie University. In 1999 he was invited to return to Macquarie University to commence a full-time MSc. on a project that required expertise in biology, electronics and software. As part of his MSc. project, he commissioned a flashlamp excited time-gated luminescence microscope. As the project grew, the MSc. was converted to a PhD and his thesis "Enhanced Detection of Microorganisms in Autofluorescent Environments Through the Application of Time-Resolved Fluorescence Microscopy" was accepted by Academic Senate in November 2004. Dr Connally won a prestigious Macquarie University Research Fellowship in 2005 (commencing in 2006) and in 2006 his team won the Macquarie University Innovation awards for Innovation in Research, Invention Disclosure Award and Postgraduate Innovation Award (for his student Dayong Jin). Dr. Connally's collaboration with Dr. Ray Hayek and Dr. Samar Hamid was also recognized at the 2007 Innovation Awards with the Invention Disclosure award for a programmable implantable extra-spinal electrical stimulator that Dr. Connally had designed. He managed the Biological Instrumentation Laboratory and led an ARC linkage project with partners Olympus and Westmead Hospital for the rapid in-situ detection of methicillin resistant Staphylococcus aureus (MRSA) using time-gated luminescence microscopy.


Russell left Macquarie University in December 2011 to work full-time for Logic Systems Design performing contract work for Cochlear and other clients.

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