2011: Chiropractic Glove

We were approached to help in the design of a novel wearable glove to assist in the training of chiropractors; the concept became known as the Chiroglove

The client required a small device that could be fitted onto a glove and worn by a practitioner during spinal manipulation. Device size was the most critical constraint; we needed to capture a biomechanical description of a high velocity, low amplitude (HVLA) thrust - such movements are characteristic of spinal manipulative therapy.

Our design used a glove containing an embedded controller, a 3-axis accelerometer and a piezo-electric force sensor coupled to an analog to digital convertor. The piezo sensor was located on the glove finger to measure the force of the chiropractor's hand as the pre-thrust tension was applied. The accelerometer recorded thrust direction and velocity in three dimensions.

chiroglove pcb

This research project was the focus of Aron Downie's MPhil at Macquarie University. It was our highly acclaimed previous work with the pIEES device that prompted Aron to approach us. Aron is now considering commercial applications for the Chiroglove.

Download Aron's PowerPoint presentation here.

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